Why you need professional translation services?

Incorrect document translation can be a real sticky-wicket. For example, there is the popular phrase “finger-lickin’ good”, which Americans immediately associate with Kentucky Fried Chicken. But, when the slogan was translated to Chinese, it read “eat your fingers off”.

This mistake is commonly made by inexperienced translators, because they convert the documents from the original language to the target in a too literal fashion.

Whereas professional document translation services understand that they must maintain the integrity of the source document. Expert translators will tailor-make your content to include typical buzz words for your target market and match the style, tone and vocabulary of the original text.

Proper document translation often is a daunting task. Globalization is growing throughout the world of business, and you need to take advantage of every means to win over your share of the international market. However, if your brochures, press releases, ads, and website content is not translated properly, your efforts to attract the international market may reap little, if any results. You may even loss business.

Have you been tempted to try the machine translation services? This is a simple approach where you only have to copy and paste your information into your computer today. These translations lack the human touch, which could lead to problems.

Machines simply cannot comprehend subtle nuances of your original intent and as a result, they mechanically trade out words. The catchy document you spent hours composing will lose its unique meaning. All too often, your computer will spit out a bunch of jibber-jabber. You’ll lose time, money and potential clients.

So, don’t let yourself be lured by false promises that computer aided translation will save you time, money and ensure confidentiality. Think about it – you’ve paid a machine to translate your valuable business documents from English into a language you can’t read or speak!

You will not even know if these translations will work until the intended group reads them. This is because there is no way that you can guarantee the translation of the website or document is correct in context and meaning.

Would you fly an airplane blindfolded?

The smart business people look into the benefits of using professional document translation services.

You will not have to give up any quality, when you use a professional translation service. Reliable translating services provide your company professional, highly trained linguists. The service will provide you with a qualified translator adept in your language, as well as in whatever language the original document was written.

Your personal translator will be well-versed in your specific market and will research unfamiliar terminology. They know key phrases and buzz words to enlighten your client base who speaks a different language. Also, the linguist working on your behalf will have expertise in cultural differences and/or experiences.

Professional Translation Services are generally able to produce a quick turnaround, especially if you have time-sensitive needs. They also have quality assurance and confidentiality policies in place.

Do you see now that reputable professional translators will perform further than simple word replacement from your language to the other one? They will concentrate not only on the flow, grammar and vocabulary, but also on providing you with a translation that will convey accurately what you want to say to your international target market about your services or products.

If you want to one-up your competitors by seizing the lion’s share of foreign clientele seeking similar products, it would be prudent to put an action plan in place. In many countries, prospective clients view quality translation as a standard customer service obligation. The idea is to nurture existing global clients and encourage prospective customers to buy what you are selling, not to drive them toward your competition via poorly translated marketing materials.

Through setting aside enough corporate funds to hire the right people to do professional document translating, you encourage non-English speaking clientele to purchase your services or products. Your foreign clients will feel confident that you have their best interest at heart.

There is certain amount of investment required upfront for highly effective document translation. However, this investment will keep bringing in favorable results, as you compete across the globe.

Also, ask yourself if you can afford to lose the big money you’ve already invested in developing and marketing your products and/or services. Are you ready to accept the consequences when your press releases, brochures, websites etc. are incorrectly translated?

Do you really want to walk in the Colonel’s footsteps? Are you really ready to be next in line to inadvertently suggest that an entire nation should eat their fingers off or something like it?

If you do not want to go that route, then you are ready for the professional document translator to do his high quality translations.

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